The Ford EcoSport Has a Great Music System

Take a cruise in a Ford EcoSport and enjoy music from its great radio system. When compared to a traditional radio setup, the EcoSport provides many more music options because it's equipped with a SiriusXM system.

The EcoSport's SiriusXM system provides access to over 150 music stations. Although SiriusXM requires a subscription, consumers who purchase a 2019 EcoSport get a six-month trial that provides full access to all of the audio options. Besides music, others types of channels are also available on the SiriusXM network, such as comedy programs, news coverage, and sports events. Travel Link and SiriusXM Traffic are optional services that provide more benefits on the road. Consumers who buy these subscriptions get weather information and traffic updates.

You can learn more about SiriusXM and other technologies in the Ford EcoSport's cabin by visiting a local dealership. In Levittown, NY, Levittown Ford LLC is a great place to check out the newest EcoSport automobiles.

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