Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

Spacious and curvaceous for a smooth ride that saves energy and money, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is an eco-friendly, long-lasting sedan for drivers who value optimum performance that leaves less of a carbon footprint.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery that can last up to a decade before it needs a replacement, the Hybrid boasts regenerative braking and an internal gas-electric system that rewards you with green LCD leaves on a smart gauge as you save energy. Exterior perks include a reverse backing system that alerts you with a chirp when something is in your reserve driving path, as well as solar tinted glass to block harmful glare and UV rays.

When the Ford Fusion Hybrid was released, we at Levittown Ford LLC in Levittown, NY were sure it would be a smash hit and it has been. You can get in on the hype and experience the excitement of the Hybrid for yourself with a test drive to see how you like it.

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