Explore the Technology of the Ford Focus in Levittown

When the 2018 Ford Focus was designed, it was created to be a reliable compact car filled with advanced technological features to keep the driver and their passengers safe. Levittown Ford LLC can show you the different options available on various models and answer any of your questions about the benefits of certain features.

To keep you aware of your surroundings when you're driving, the Ford Focus has a Blind Spot Information System. Cameras and sensors located around the car will alert you to cars that you can't see in your mirrors to help you make safe lane changes. The Lane-Keeper system was designed to detect drifting within a lane. You'll be alerted so that you can make any needed adjustments.

When you're trying to back out of a parking spot, the rearview camera will let you see everything that's behind you so that you don't collide with anything.

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