Which Terrain Will You Conquer with the Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 is a stunning pickup truck that offers a great combination of efficient performance and reliable off-road handling. You can check out the car's seven trims at Levittown Ford LLC in Levittown, NY.

If you want to take an extended road trip in the F-150, make sure to fill up the fuel tank with up to 36 gallons of gasoline. Models that have the SuperCrew cab come standard with a fuel tank that holds 26 gallons. Additionally, a diesel engine with the Power Stroke technology is available in this robust Ford pickup truck.

A 10-speed automatic transmission allows you to confidently navigate rugged terrains or well-maintained highways. If you explore rough landscapes, take advantage of the Trail Control technology. This system adjusts the axles so that you can focus more on the steering. Integrated into the 4WD, two speeds are included in a transfer case that has a neutral setting for towing.

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