The Stylish Cabin in the Ford EcoSport

One of the biggest reasons that compact crossovers are so popular is their roomy cabins. Crossovers offer more space than sedans, making it easy for you and your passengers to stay cozy. The Ford EcoSport has a beautifully designed interior. Drivers in Levittown, NY can get a couple of great optional features to push comfort levels even further.

The first is heated front seats. Heating elements are built into the leather-clad chairs. By pushing a button on the center console, you can produce a soothing warmth that radiates through your body on those cold winter days. This feature comes standard on SE models and above.

Many models at Levittown Ford LLC are also equipped with a power moonroof. The roof can be opened to let in some fresh air and sunlight. When you don't want to use it, the roof also comes with a powered sunshade. Both of these features can be controlled with buttons on the ceiling.

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