Learn About the Highly Efficient 2018 Ford Focus Electric

When you're searching for a compact electric vehicle that will let you transport up to five people, consider the well-equipped 2018 Ford Fusion Electric. An electric vehicle can let you forget about gas stations and charge in the convenience of your own home every night.

The SAE Combo Connector System and charge port allows the car to be charged off of 120V, 140V, and a fast charging DC current. A state-of-charge indicator will let you know when the charge is finished. The in-vehicle SmartGauge with EcoGuide will keep you continually informed about the state of your battery and help you maximize the efficiency of your engine.

To learn more about the advantages of electric vehicles, visit Levittown Ford LLC today. We'll get you out for a test drive in Levittown, NY so that you can experience the feeling for yourself.

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