Park Smart in the Ford Flex

In the Ford Flex, no parking spot is too difficult to get into. You can get this sought-after three-row mid-sized SUV at Levittown Ford LLC. It's available with high-tech features that are designed to make getting in and out of parking spots easier.

The Active Park Assist system uses ultrasonic sensors to scan your surroundings. It'll help you find an open parking space. It uses the sensors to determine distance and make note of any potential obstacles. With a press of a button, you can initiate the automatic steering function. You control the brake pedal, shifting, and acceleration while the Flex carefully guides you right in.

Drivers in Levittown will also love the rearview camera. Every single Ford Flex is equipped with a camera that's installed on the rear liftgate. It turns on automatically when you shift in reverse. You'll see a clear view of what's behind the SUV. There's even a backup grid to let you know how far away things are.

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