Enhanced Handling in the Ford Escape

While larger vehicle from yesteryear had a reputation for being difficult to handle, modern options like the Ford Escape work to enhance the driving experience. This admired compact SUV is available at Levittown Ford LLC with technology to improve handling and agility no matter where you go.

One feature is Curve Control. The Escape has a series of sensors throughout its body. These sensors keep track of road conditions and the movements of the vehicle. If you go around a curve too fast, the Curve Control system will slow you down. It does this through anti-lock braking and automatic throttle reduction.

Another useful feature that drivers in Levittown can take advantage of is Torque Vectoring. Torque Vectoring improves traction as you go around a curve to help you maintain control. More torque is sent to the wheels with the most grip on the road. This makes the Ford Escape hug the inside of the curve.

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