Four Reasons You'll Love Your New SUV

Let's face it, SUVs can offer superb advantages that other model types can't. They offer a smooth, spacious ride that is high off the ground giving the driver a prime vantage point while on the road. At Levittown Ford LLC, we have a large fleet of both new and used SUVs available for purchase. If you need a reason to test-drive one, here are the top 4 from our staff members in the Levittown area:

  • Style. SUVs offer a lot of style and features due to their large size and upscale look and style.
  • Passenger Capability. It may sound obvious, but one thing to consider when deciding between an SUV or car is a number of people you wish to fit in your vehicle. Although cars technically seat five, the middle seat is never a favorite. The third row of seating gives you the ability to add more people comfortably.
  • Safety. SUVs are safer due to their size and the extra amount of space the driver and passengers have.
  • Ease of Loading/Unloading. SUVs have a back door that opens upwards, and many can be opened with just the touch of a hand or foot. This means that anything you need to load or unload can be dropped in effortlessly without struggling with the trunk.

If you are in the local area, stop by our dealership and test drive one of our SUVs today! We're conveniently located at 3195 Hempstead Turnpike for you to stop in whenever the time is right!

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